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We Are Three!!!!

Recently someone came through our doors to attend a group  and on seeing the number of people waiting for him..stated "is this it?"

I love the challengers, they are welcome into Boom! 

Today is our 3rd birthday. Three years ago 3 artists took a leap and got a set of keys in their hands to the top floor of the Boom! building.   Since then we have grown from that 3 to a social enterprise that is firmly a part of the town centre.  Today we have a full house of local creative people, 17 artists are developing their work under our roof.

During the last three years we have accomodated 36 artists, designers or makers.

This year we  have provided art activities for local events including ArtsNight at the Museum, The Creatathon at The Ulster Museum, ForM Sculpture Exhibition and  The Big Draw.  This work allows us to employ local artists makers and designers, this year we have paid £12000 out to local artists, designers and makers for their services. 

Our weekly programme has been developing and growing through the year. We offer activities that support our local creative industry, from regular life drawing sessions with Bangor Life Drawing to Sketchwalks and Drink&Draws, to Exhibitions and   professional support and training through the Trade Programme. 

We also know that people want to be creative, and this year we have developed our programme for the wider community to come in and participate in different activities.  We have fab activities for our little artists like Messy Mornings, Squiggles and Giggles, Art and Yoga and MineCraft Club.  Our Community Art Club has run through the year providing a relaxed & affordable art making sessions, the Boom! Stitchers have continued and  we have started Painting for Pleasure.   

So when the question of "Is this it?" is asked the answer is "Yes it is, and we are immensely proud of it, come in & sit down" 



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Festival of light

Over the last year we have worked a huge range of projects from a "Festival of Light" in partnership with Micasa Events  and Ards & North Borough Council.



We have partnered with North Down YMCA to deliver a  mini  regeneration project

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