Boom! Studios
Bangor's Creative Social Enterprise


Not just for kids.....

It's  great when we get good, honest feed back that we can do something about....

We are an artists led social enterprise, so when they talk to us we listen and then if we can, we do something about it..  

The weekly activities that we provide have two main  purposes. Firstly it provides arts and creative activities for local residents and secondly it provides  paid work for local artists.  These activities have been led either by the artists or are  needed by the local community. 

There simply aren't enough hours in the week for us to provide something for everyone, but we do try. 

At the moment we have a fairly even spread of activities for children and for adults, Boom! is not just for kids.   Bangor is a town that is made of a wide and changing demographic, but when you break it down, it is mostly families with children and adults who have retired that live in the area.  These are the largest groups that live in the area and will therefore be the majority of who comes through our doors. 

Our local creative community is at the core of why we exist and we strive to support them everyday.  Aside from providing opportunities to work, we have also  provided:  weekly life drawing, meet-ups, late night openings, masterclasses and professional development, drink & draw meet-ups, workshops and are proud to be an advocate for the local creative scene.

We are  always learning so we have changed how we communicate our activities.

Our What's On page will have all the details of what is happening and information on how to book.


Marianne Kennerley