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This is what we do!

DIY is one of those theories that's sits at the core of Boom! I reference HDC Beastie Boys graphic often. " Don't sit around waiting " 

We know too well in Bangor that sometimes changing the environment can take time. It's often seen as  someone else's responsibility.  

So when we were invited to be part of a mini-regeneration project led by our local YMCA... we said yes.   The partnership project involves the YMCA, M&S, Harbour Ward Community Association and Boom! Studios and is part of the M&S Community Spark project..  

The area had been neglected and used only for bins, but with the YMCA moving in, more people were passing through this area and it badly needed cleaned up.


M&S funded the project through their Community Spark Project, celebrating 50 years in Northern Ireland by investing time and money into community projects. These type of Corporate Social Responsibility projects often partner with smaller organisations on the ground, giving larger corporate style organisations the opportunity to have a giving program that is more meaningful, doesn't look like a tax write-off and raise their employees moral.  

With the investment from M&S, volunteers from the YMCA and the creativity of the Boom! artists together we transformed the area.  

We partnered artists with 5 of the YMCA groups, got the paint and creativity flowing and produced a number of images. These images were brought into wall panels to tell some Bangor stories..looking to the past and to the future.


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