2 years ago......

….Boom! has a few anniversaries…..the first conversations, becoming organised, first tenants, the first event.. but today is a significant one.  2 years ago today we got the keys to the building…putting doubts aside, feeling the fear, over coming nerves, stopping the procrastinating, finding support in unexpected places …and doing it anyway.

Moving forward gives us a reason, to stop... and look back.

Since we began 21 artists have spent time working at Boom!…some for 2 weeks others for the full 2 years.

Over the 2 years we have worked with 12 creative facilitators, helping them to test ideas, develop skills and work directly with their audiences and with the local community. Partnering with them creates opportunities for people to come to the town centre, connect with others and develop new skills.

Great, affordable space for people in the creative industry. A brilliant, central location with a big focus on supporting local people and encouraging small business to grow. Thankyou
— Kelsey - Squiggles&Giggles

In 2016 we have hosted 166 workshops ranging from mum & child arts workshops to life drawing.

The Big Draw - Drawing on the stairs

25 of those workshops were for artists & creatives.

We hosted 8 professional development seminars.

We curated 2 group exhibitions partnering with  North Down YMCA and Translink.

We designed and delivered 2 projects directly for local creatives.

We have had 3000 visitors to Boom! that have paid for and participated in creative activities.

We have participated in 4 larger council run public events.

We directly created £6000 of paid work for local artists, paying for their services.

We indirectly helped to create £6000 of paid work for artists.


AND Business Awards

We have won an award.

In Autumn this year we grew… and fast, taking on the first floor of out building allowing us to offer a total of 17 studio spaces.

This year have also been working on the bit that you don’t see. We have strengthened the management committee, now a core team of 6 women, we  applied to become a charity and negotiated a permanent lease for the top floor of the building and are about to become an employer.

.... the best bit

....we are not done yet!



empty Boom!
Marianne Kennerley