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Bang Zine - Session 2 tonight and call for participation

Last week, we had a lovely evening of drawing and chat about the Summer of 2018. You can join us tonight at The Drawing Room in Bangor. Artist Rosie Haghighi said she loves to go and draw there, and it’s not just because of the name. 

Book Online - £8 includes snacks

We’re looking for submissions to Bang Zine that capture the summer of 2018. It’s been a summer of adventure for some and change for others. I’m widening the call for submissions in case you’d like to submit and don’t have the time to come and meet up. “Message Host” on the Facebook event here to get in touch

Bang Zine Session 1

We drew, flipped through some zines, and decided what stories we’d like to share in the zine about the summer of 2018. Imogen mastered riding her bike with no hands(!) And the youngest artist wondered what if super heroes came along to Pickie Fun Park. 

Photos from the event


I shared some zines and independent publications coming out of Northern Ireland. There’s lots of opportunities for writers and artists to get published in the UK and Ireland, as I started digging, I discovered more!

We also looked at this fab book, 1000 artists journal pages, which I find endlessly inspiring. You can flip open any page and consider a different process or way to handle an idea. I have decided to print the zine in colour, so we have more possibilities. 

There are so many artists in Bangor, it’s quite amazing. We had four artists and one young artist join us. 

Imogen Donegan - Art

In Imogen Donegan's Etsy shop, you can see how she does illustrations, paintings, and necklaces - which I can imagine some of her characters wearing. I love her illustrations like this one: 

Rosie Haghighi, comics, illustration, sculpture.

I took a peek at some of her recent drawings on IG. Love these lush images with characters emerging from intricate patterns. So much movement!

Steph Hanlon - Art

I knew Steph did painting, but I just saw she also has photography for sale at Yarn Gallery. Here's some images from her recent work, available at Doodle and Boom. 

Kate Smeltzer - Quirky Creations

Kate creates is a writer, illustrator and creates sculptures.. She's in the middle writing and illustrating a book about the world her creations live in. Today I learned, Kate completed 10,000 origami doves of peace for an installation! Wow!

I'm enjoying Kate's recent self portraits on Instagram. Especially this one featuring an Open House Festival mural <3


Thanks everyone for coming. Looking forward to meeting the participants in the next session tonight! 7-9pm, The Drawing Room, Bangor.

Heather McNamee