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Bang Zine Workshop @The Drawing Rooms

Bang Zine Workshop @The Drawing Rooms


Join some of Boom! Studios illustrators and artists to document August in Bangor. inspired by the the spirit of the DIY punk culture.

Over three weeks we are inviting you to contribute your sketches, doodles, words or to “Bang! Zine”. Each week we will be in a different local business in Bangor Town Centre.

All materials will be supplied.

“Bang! Zine” was started by local artist, Sam Finnegan you can find out more about it here . We are so pleased that we’ve been given permission to continue it ! Cheers Sam!!

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Let's make a zine - the Spirit of Punk and DIY

Today, we take self-publishing for granted. In the 70s and 80s, having access to a photocopier meant self-publishing was easy and cheap way to get your ideas out there. 

Think you can’t draw or write? You’ll get a chance to prove yourself wrong. We’ll draw, write, collage, and remix images. We’ll share impressions of the Bangor seaside and the Open House Festival.