Placing creativity BANG in the centre of town.

Inspired and informed by their individual experience at Project 24, Bangor, Boom! Studios was established in December 2014.  A small group of local creative practitioners wished to create a vibrant workspace where they could develop their individual enterprises.

Boom! Studios is a crafted,  social enterprise that provides a vibrant workspace and head-space for our local creative industry.

Boom! took over a vacant town centre building (the old Clinton Cards building) in December 2014….. a “blank canvas”. 

It now provides 18 studio spaces and 4 desk spaces, housing a variety of artists, designers and makers, a workshop space and a small gallery space.

By placing creativity bang in the centre of town, Boom! makes a positive contribution to the regeneration of Bangor Town Centre, creating opportunities to link traditional local business’s with the local creative industry.

Boom! is a social enterprise and it's impact centres on the increased activity in the community by local artists and creative practitioners, therefore increasing participation and understanding by the wider community in arts.  It achieves this by being open to the local community and offering a range of creative workshops,activities and events.

This creates a stronger more confident creative sector and will lead to a more, cohesive community, improved civic pride, and contribute to a vibrant town centre. There is the benefit to the individual of improved mental health and well being. 

Northern Ireland’s creative industry is thriving, however the next few years will pose many challenges for the arts and creative sector, forcing organisations to become inventive in the way in which they develop and fund their work. 

Boom! Studios hopes to present an innovative business model for sustainable arts and creative activity.