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TJ Cosgrove - Lean into your Niche

you pick up a pencil and it wants you to write, draw and be creative.”
— TJ Cosgrove

TJ is passionate about pencils, and through this he has created  Wood & Graphite, the #2 Pencil based video blog on the internet. 

TJ took time away from all things pencil related and hung out at Boom! for a few hours with some of our studio and non-studio mates. The conversation started with a clutch pencil from Prague and took us through how, his passion has evolved from a need for a good, archival quality tool to record..  everything, ideas, notes, etchings, car insurance details. The need inspired research, which in turn opened the can of worms that is the pencil.  He has  combined this knowledge with his skills in film-making to produce a crafted story that shares his passion project to the world. Creating dialogue brought a community of pencil fans and then their suppliers to his work.  Making films for pencil makers has become a thing for TJ, and the hook was his passion for the subject.

The conversation moved on to the creative process and how intriguing it is. As a artist/designer/maker,  sharing your work through social media platforms is becoming part of the process of making art. The artist can control the narrative, but the viewers want to see the honesty... the sneezes caused by a cloud of charcoal dust.