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Aspects 2019 - "Starlings" Myriorama

This year we have are creating a myriorama, inspired by the words of Belfast poet, Michael Longley’s poem “Starlngs”

A Myrioama translates as a million images. Woking collectively we will create a visual representation of this poem.

You will need to work within the following parameters for this to work.

1.) Select a work, phrase from the poem and complete the online form.

2.) Download the template with the guidelines to follow.

3.) Create an image illustrating the word you have chosen following the template. Any medium.

The work is to be delivered to Boom for Tuesday the 17th September 5pm. Along with the completed online form.

The finished piece is to be A5 portrait, with a horizonline and foreground line included. ( this is so the visual poem males sense when it is put together)

We would love to tell the story of this exhibition, via our social media channels so, please tag us on Facebook (@BoomStudios) and Instagram(@boom.studios) with any works in progress, inspiration.

If you would also like to illustrate do a syncategorematic word ( and, the,a or) just let me know.

Sitting up against a sea wall,

Eating fish and chips,

we count The starlings,

a dozen or so

Swaggering opportunists

Unexpected on the shingle.

Shall we throw them leftovers, Dear brother?

Greasy fingers.

Spangled iridescences.

Is this Bangor or Ballyholme?

A blink and they attract thousands

And thousands more starlings,

a shape- Shifting bird-cloud, shitlegs

Sky-dancing. No collisions.

Wherever you are, Peter,

Can you spot on your radar


They’re starlings really, Heavenly riffraff flocking

Before they flap down to roost.

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What word have you chosen from the poem.
Marianne Kennerley