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Submission for Boom StudioMates - 10x10 Exhibition

Our 10x10 exhibition is approaching.. an we would love to see pieces submitted from all of our studio mates..

Heres all the details -

10x10 Submission Form – Deadline 19/4/19

Delivery of work - Tuesday 30th April to 1st floor of Boom! Studios

Please note that wall pieces must not exceed 10x10 inches including framing.

3D pieces must not exceed 10x10x10 inches in total.

There are no restrictions on type of media, subject matter * or techniques but all works must be original.

(* apart from the obvious - nothing racist, sexist, or liable to cause offence etc.)

Some Screens are available.

The exhibition will open officially on Friday 3rd May at 7:00 pm.

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Marianne Kennerley