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Trade 2017

From the beginning of Boom!  part of the vision was to provide headspace for the local creative community…somewhere that ideas could be explored, challenges discussed and solutions found.

The Trade project emerged out of conversations that took place naturally at Boom!, in 2015 we piloted bringing the conversations together and to a wider audience. 

Weare giving creative practitioners permission to think, discuss, develop and plan your practice, whatever it looks like or stage it is at.

Now Boom! is two years old we have a better understanding of how artists, designers, makers work…for some it is pure traditional business… making beautiful things and selling them, for others is about staying true to their passions and what they wish to communicate, and others which to respond to the local market and its needs.  

We do know that a creative practice can work in an array of different ways( thats why we like it!) We also know that “business” doesn't need to be a dirty work in the creative sector and there are may skills, techniques and ideas that can be stolen from different sectors to make your practice flourish.

For the 2017 Trade Project we have invited a range of different people to Boom! (some connected and some not) to share their knowledge and experience.

Taking on the feedback from last year we are mixing up the format to make it more accessible. There will be coffee mornings,  very informal with discussion guided along a particular theme, by a host with experience in that area.

There will also be  masterclasses which will be more hands on with an opportunity to gain skills in a particular area.

All the hosts and facilitators are local, which means you can keep the conversation going.

For all the details and to book please follow the link.




Marianne Kennerley