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MineCraft Club @Boom!

MineCraft Club @Boom!


Pixel Art!

This week we will be Creating pixel art, working with grids and squares.

..but really, parents, we will be exercising our fine motor skills, tuning our mathematical problem solving in pattern, symmetry and counting...shhh don’t tell the Minecrafters!

This session will be led by our new facilitator local artist Steph Hanlon, who is also a secret Minecrafter.

We know that Minecraft, build maths and English confidence and logical problem solving.

Steph wants to take it further, using MineCraft to build creative skills, not only playing MineCraft, but also turning it off and using our creative skills to make real stuff… making Minecraft analogue.

During this session, not only will the MineCrafters work on iPads in Minecraft, but we will learn how to create ideas, using creative thinking techniques, and work out how to bring MineCraft into the real world.

IPADS are provided for everyone.

Suitable for ages 6yrs +

Saturday 8th June 2019 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Light refreshments provided.

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