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Staycation - Visual Journalling Workshop

Staycation - Visual Journalling Workshop

25.00 40.00

When you go on holiday you look at things with fresh eyes. How can we get the same state of curious observation without going far? How can we build in keystone habits that will improve our memory, slow down time, and give us access to creative inspiration?

In this intensive week long workshop we’re going to dive into visual journaling and sharpen our skills of observation. We’ll be like tourists at home; looking at familiar sites and the everyday in new ways.

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What will we do?

We’ll meet at Boom Studios in the mornings in Bangor. Coming from Belfast? Join us by train along the North Down coast. You’ll have prompts and assignments to tap into your imagination, so expect to do some activities outside workshop hours.

We’ll look at the visual journals kept by artists and scientists for inspiration. And we’ll consider how writing and drawing can improve your memory, mental health, idea generation. You’ll do this by recording your experience to gain new insights into the everyday world.

But I can’t draw!

This workshop is especially for people who think ‘I can’t draw’ or ‘I can’t write’ but you wish you could. Your drawing is as unique to you as your handwriting. We will give you some skills so you can express your ideas. Each day we’ll try different techniques and materials. You’ll have timed tasks each day to work on outside of the workshop.

What should I pack?

All materials will be provided in the cost of the workshop. But you can bring along your favourite drawing materials if you like.

When is it?

  • Monday through Friday.

  • 2 hours each day. 11 am - 1 pm. Boom! Studios.

  • One afternoon visit to North Down Museum, finishing at 3:00pm. Bring a packed lunch!

Optional evening activities including

  • Monday night: Life Drawing £10

  • Wednesday night: Boom Community Arts £3