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Minecraft Club @Boom!

Minecraft Club @Boom!


Saturday 23rd June 2pm - 4pm

There is more to our minecraft adventure than meets the eye.

In this club kids will use MineCraft to build maths and English confidence, develop creative skills and logical problem solving.

Each day will have a mixture of digital and analogue activities  that will develop these skills, that will include using iPads, using MineCraft, mind mapping and story boarding and using iPads to creat short films and sound recordings.

We will address, social interaction, social inclusion, logical problem solving, some maths and english, confidence building and a constant awareness for online digital safety.

We will help with development of how to build in Creative Mode.

Set problems that can only be solved when you engage with others

Youtube is the new classroom, so lets learn how to make a youtube channel for your own tutorial using imoives green screen and an introduction into recording sound. 

IPADS are provided for everyone

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