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Boom! Studios - Bang Zine Workshops in August

Boom! Studios - Bang Zine Workshops in August


In this project, we’ll collaborate on a zine in the spirit of the DIY punk culture celebrated in the Open House Festival 2018.

At Boom! Studios, we’re running several Anarchy Art workshops as part of the official Open House Festival. This is a fringe event surrounding the festival, open to all collaborators, to explore zine-making, and document this summer fest in Bangor.

There’s no need to register, but tell us you’re coming on your favourite social network.

When is it?

  • Each Wednesday night at Boom! Studio’s Community Art Club. 

  • Special Thursday evenings in August: 16, 23, 30th at venues in town. Locations to be announced!

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Let's make a zine - the Spirit of Punk and DIY

Today, we take self-publishing for granted. In the 70s and 80s, having access to a photocopier meant self-publishing was easy and cheap way to get your ideas out there. 

Think you can’t draw or write? You’ll get a chance to prove yourself wrong. We’ll draw, write, collage, and remix images. We’ll share impressions of the Bangor seaside and the Open House Festival. Meet with us at cafés and pubs in Bangor, and at Boom! Studios. 

Check out the Boom! Studios site for locations and times, to be announced.